Breastfeeding necklace C-19

Breastfeeding necklace C-19



It’s a multi-sensory stimulator for baby in the first few months. Also ideal for teething.

It gives baby a focal point and has been proven to keep a child breastfeeding longer. Wear it during feeding so babies can focus on colors and shapes sharpening their visual skills and keeping babies focused on the necklace not painful head-turning distractions.
As Baby progresses, the beads become something they can reach for, grab and play with saving the feeders hair, clothes and skin.

It’s also possible to create a Mom & Daughter set (one in adult size and one in a child size)

Materials: Recycled Cotton (Oeko-tex certificate) – Natural wood.

Hand washable in cold water with mild soap. Attention: don’t leave it unattended in child hands.


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