About me & Testimonials


Hi! My name is Anna and I am a music therapist, singer, baby massage teacher and mother to 1 beautiful boy!

I’ve been surrounded by music all my life, I have been singing since I was about 5 years old. I am a strong believer that music is for everyone. Since graduating, I have taught music in variety of contexts.

Music provides a multitude of benefits in the early years right from when baby is in the womb and from birth; it aids in the development of key social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor development, is a precursor for language and helps to build the foundations for literacy and numeracy. Music also improves mood and is so much fun!

Baby massage, the Loving Touch, is a powerful way to communicationg and bonding with your baby, building confidence in your parenting skills and enhancing baby’s health and resilience, Gentle and loving touch can help small babies grow stronger and feel less anxiety. Baby massage helps muscle development, blood circulation, stimulates the senses and contributes to a regular sleep rhythm, good digestion and a sense of security.

Making music and baby massage strengthens the emotional bond between parent and child and promotes social development, before and after the delivery. It’s well known that the experiences our children have before the age of five shape their identities, and set the path they’ll take for the rest of their lives.


That’s what inspired me to start my own business, Cuddles and Music.

I look forward to welcoming you and baby into my nurturing space!

I grew up in Naples, Italy. I am a Soprano professional singer, singing teacher, music therapist and infant massage instructor (CIMI). I hold degrees in opera singer and in Music therapy and I earned the diploma of certified infant massage instructor from the International Association of Infant Massage (I.A.I.M.). As a musician, I have over 20 years experiences in live performance: I am a versatile performer and my repertoire includes opera, gospel, musical and pop songs. As a singing teacher, I have worked in Italy with individual sessions and vocal coaching for choirs. As a music therapist I have experience in clinical and non-clinical music therapy settings and I have been working with a variety of populations including both children and adults with various disabilities.


Claudine B.

The baby massage course is a really enjoyable experience for parents to develop a deeper bond with their baby, to gain confidence in understanding their baby and to learn to calm, soothe, relax and stimulate the baby through massage. Anna is an incredible instructor and a lovely woman who was very knowledgeable, prepared and experienced. Highly recommend this course.

Adele Z.

In een woord: prachtig! Afgelopen zondag ben ik naar het concert van de DuoFa met het hele gezin gegaan... Drie kinderen van 6, 5 en 1 jaar. Wij hebben van de muziek en van de sfeer heel erg genoten. De kinderen vonden het leuk om naar de muziek te luisteren en om de muziekinstrumenten te spelen. Anna en Federica zijn echt goed. Zeker aan te raden!!

Erika B.

Anna is a very nice and friendly person, I learned some very good massage techniques. My 6 month old baby loved it and also was very happy about the gift we got! I will practice the massage and I love the idea of having this for a long long time as a part of our routine: some time for just my boy and me.

Roberta M.

La Musica è terapia per l'anima fin dalla nascita...grazie Cuddles and Music!

Maria G.

Creazioni particolarmente originali, piccole idee regalo da prendere al volo!

Francesco M.

When people sing together they feel increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour. Thanks Cuddles and Music

Cira F.

Fabulous baby massage group course! Anna was so patient in teaching us. My little one loves her evening massage and it helped with her colic problems too. I highly recommend all new moms to join a massage class!

Michela F.

I have been attending one of their courses about baby massage with my new born baby when she was 4 months old... the atmosphere has been so warm and relaxing! My daughter and I both needed that precious moment when we get to know and understand each other better, and we feel each other just through mom's hands! Highly recommend Cuddles & Music!

Esperanza MG.

We were in a concert for babies and their families. It was a very nice and lovely place. The staff was so kind... and the atmosphere was magical. Also, my baby even got emotional with a song.


I bought a lovely, handmade teething necklace for my 9mo....It's beautiful and my daughter loves it!